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We are proud to offer legal services for a flat fee – No Hidden Charges!

At the Law Office of Annette M. Vera, P.A., we recognize that clients are frustrated by the inability of law firms to provide firm fee quotes. In a standard billable hour fee agreement, no guarantees are made about the final price of your legal representation. You will be billed hourly for the time spent on your case. The more time spent on your case, the more it costs you. This leaves room for uncertainty regarding the final price for a legal service.

Why Flat Fees?

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At the Law Office of Annette M. Vera, P.A., we are committed to providing top-quality service for affordable, flat fee prices. Our flat fee model will give you the certainty that the standard billable hour fee agreement lacks. Following our initial consultation, we will give you a firm fee quote so you will know exactly how much it will cost you for our legal services. You’ll know up front what the legal service will cost. No billable hours, no surprises—just the agreed price!


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